The February Word of the Month has been Honesty.  What does this mean to you?  Write about a time that you showed honesty.
Summarize what you have been learning in social studies recently.
The December word of the month is caring.  How do you show caring?
Today we talked about how to make a friend.  We role played how to make a friend too.  What are three ideas you have about making friends?
Steps to Respect!  We are talking about RESPECT in third grade.  Third graders, what is your goal that you have set to show RESPECT this week?
Hi Kids!  Later this year,  Mrs. Weinhardt will visit us and share some great Westerville history  She works at the Westerville Public Library, and she has posted LOTS of old pictures of Westerville.  Check them out!
Report back to us and tell us about your interesting historical finds.