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We recently started using Khan Academy for independent study in math.  How do you like this technology tool?  What have you learned so far?  How many stars have you earned?
5/4/2012 00:00:57

This year I used Khan Academy as a technology. Khan Academy helped me with math.I started using this technolgy a couple days ago.It is fun because you get Gold Stars. Gold Stars mean you mastered that topic.I got 6 Stars in one day. Mrs.Fry gives us superstars for every star we get. You have to have a email to use this technology. To create an email account you have to have a parent to create you one. You will see why! I love using Khan Academy!!!

Miss Hoerner
5/18/2012 13:31:21

Sabrina, This is a FABULOUS description fo Khan Academy!

5/4/2012 00:17:56

Khan Academy is a technolagy tool I used this year.You can log in ,then you will see a map.You click on coach then pick two coaches if you want.To log in go to khan Academy you click google you go to Khan have 34,567 enegy points.You can go to khan academy if you want to learn math.

Miss Hoerner
5/18/2012 13:32:01

That is a lot of energy points, Maddi!

Mrs. Fry
5/4/2012 00:28:20

The thing I think is really great about Khan Academy is that you can use it over the summer, next year, in high school, and for the rest of your life! It is always there to be our online math tutor!

Miss Hoerner
5/18/2012 13:32:58

I like Khan Academy because you can go there to learn something new or practice a math skill. Everyone can explore and learn what interests them!

sumaya farah
9/7/2013 06:09:03



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