Dress Like Your Avatar Day!!! - Huber Ridge Third Grade Team
Today is Dress Like Your Avatar Day.  How do you look?  Are you excited to help our first grade buddies today?  Are you looking forward to our party.  Write about our day!
11/22/2011 13:16:05

Today is Dress Like Our Avatar day.We have to dress like our avatar for Sumdog.I had to earn a lot of coins to get this outfit.It was hard work.Today I sit here wearing a pink shirt with sd on it,a black vest,blue jeans,and pink shoes.I'm really looking forward to the party this afternoon.

11/22/2011 13:24:26

Today is Dress Like Your Avatar.I am dressed like my avatar.I am wereing black flats with a white and black dress just like my avatar. It took me 11,424 coins to get those.I am a polar bear. I am looking forward for the party.

Mrs. Fry
11/24/2011 06:17:15

Wow!!! Your avatar outfits were amazing!! So creative! Good job everyone!

9/18/2012 04:03:07

You to. Have a nice day Mrs.Fry.

11/28/2011 07:56:44

Ooooooooo my goodnes it was dress like your avatar i was so happy i had a red shirt black pants and cool shous the most finnest avatar was the ninja.

11/28/2011 15:57:47

The most games i played i think Junk pile i love the game ssssssooooo much.

11/28/2011 18:01:39

hey people you should enter Ms.Frys fun fun fun challenge katleyn in 1 place sumaya in 2 and me in 3 have fun

11/30/2011 07:35:34

To day is deses like you avatar day. And I think it will be so fun. I am am blue deses but it's cold out so Iam wering palts. I love to play sumdog.

11/30/2011 07:53:15

The time I dressed like my avatar!
Today we get to dress like our avatar. And I dress in a brown dress, white shoes,white socks. I am a Narwhal in Sumdog! My favorite part is when you can play against people! Because you can see who wins or not. But I`m usually in secont place. When I go home sometimes I go right on Sumdog! It depends if I`m busy or not. I really like Sum dog and I hope you do too!

11/30/2011 07:54:31

On 11/22/11 was dress up like your avatar day. I didn't dress up like my avatar because my mom said no pants.I wished I dressed up as my avatar. I am a nawhal in sumdog. Sumdog is a fun game.

11/30/2011 08:07:40

Dress like your avatar day!

It was Dress Like Your Avatar Day. I was a Harpy Eagle on Sumdog. I played against DevinP and I got 2nd place now I am a Polar Bear. I have a afro, earring,rolled-sleeved shirt and Basketball shorts I think I have 950 coins.

11/30/2011 08:08:21

Today I will dress like my avatar and I had on a black shirt that says SD on it. White shoes and socks. My animal is a harpy eagle i'm the the fourth one on the list. Everyone can play at home.

11/30/2011 08:50:56

11/30/2011 10:34:52

My avatar and me
Today at school we have to dress like o
our avatar that that is on the computer.My avatar is a karate person it has a hat and a white jacket and white pants with a yellow belt.Iam wearing the same exact outfit.I think this is going to be a great day.

12/1/2011 07:58:38

Today we have a avter dress a like party
today at school we are having an avater
party. We have to dress up like our avatar.
My avatar looks like this it has a flower skirt, a green top, and high heels.
I'm really excited for our party. We have snacks ready for the day .
All my friends are ready . Also I hope I have a good time.

12/2/2011 10:34:43

A couple of days ago it was Dress like your Sumdog Avatar day.What I have for my avatar is blue jeans,gray long sleved shirt,brown silk gloves,and a brown hat.I hope you like it bye.

12/2/2011 10:36:35

today was dress like your avatar day.
i had blue jeans, white shirt,blue gloves,and black shoes i am on the third level on sumdog.sumdog is my favorite game in math.i am still on the third levl.i have 90 games.

12/5/2011 07:49:09

My avatar for Sumdog

Today was dress like your avatar day.My avatar loks like it has pink sunglasses,a Monster High pink hat ,and a bead bracelet.People say I look like Lady Gaga.On Sumdog,my level and animalis a blue whale and the level is the 8th level.Today was the best day ever that we got to have for Sumdog!

12/5/2011 07:59:47

Today is dress like your avatar day. I wore a blue shirt, a black baseball helmet, baseball pants, and I'm an Indian Elephant.

12/5/2011 08:12:42

Today I dressed up like my avatar on sumdog! I looked so cool. I have a black shirt and shorts on today because
my avatar is dressed as a soccer player.
Also, I have gray shoes. I am blue whale
right now on sumdog. Also, I am in first place with one day left in the c
alleng. I have 10,000 ponits and the ahead. I think and hope I will stay in first! Also I pretty much won it but they could have a miracle and beat me!
Can't wait until the results are in!

12/7/2011 08:00:32

Hey do you know about sumdog . Well if you don't well it is a math game that will teach you math and it is fun because you play games and you play can aginst people. It is free sign up now!!!!!!!!!

12/8/2011 14:48:46

Now I am a Indian Elephant on Sumdog.

12/13/2011 19:04:15

woooooooooooooooooooooooooo i like it beacause i am going to drees like mine.

12/13/2011 19:08:25

and miss hozdic is going to be fool with stickers.GO MISS HOZDIC YOU ROCK.


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