Coordinate Grids - Huber Ridge Third Grade Team
We learned about coordinate grids in math.  Explain how to find a point on a coordinate grid.
10/5/2011 03:18:41

In Math I am working on a Coordinate Grid. A Coordinate Grid is a thing like you walk to the elevator and go up the elevator. This is what a Coordinate Grid looks like {4,8}. We started lerning this yesterday I kind of understand it now.

10/6/2011 09:52:01

In math we are talking about Coordinate Grids all this week. It like you walk to the elevator then you go up the elevator. A Coordinate Grid looks exacatly like this (9,12). I remember it very good.

10/14/2011 14:34:27

Hi my name is Sabrina and I am going to talk about what Coordinate Grids are. Coordinate Grids are when you walk to the elevator and go up the elevator and you have to write it like this {5,6} and you will know it quick cause it is easy. the first time I learend it I knew it!!!!!


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