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We recently started using Khan Academy for independent study in math.  How do you like this technology tool?  What have you learned so far?  How many stars have you earned?
Check out the sumdog blog to read about how our third graders are enjoying the sumdog website to practice math!

Kamden made a Voki about Sumdog.  How are you doing with your points kids?  What animal are you?  What will you look like on our second Dress Like Your Avatar Day?

Today is Dress Like Your Avatar Day.  How do you look?  Are you excited to help our first grade buddies today?  Are you looking forward to our party.  Write about our day!

Third graders are competing in a math contest through the website sumdog.  Students may use this website for their nightly math homework.  Kids, how are you doing on the sumdog challenges?  Remember, there will be two winners from each homeroom- one for the Leader Board and one for the top amount of games played!!

Visit sumdog!
Sumdog - Free math games
We learned about coordinate grids in math.  Explain how to find a point on a coordinate grid.
Explore math at Math Playground:

A Measurement game for you to practice your measuring skills.

Many of your are so interested in learning algebra!  Here is a game you might enjoy:
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