Are you looking forward to our Nutcracker field trip on December 15?  I know I am!  Write about what you know about the Nutcracker so far.  Use complete sentences with punctuation marks please!
Mrs. Fry
12/1/2011 03:00:44 am

On December 15, 2011, we will go to The Nutcracker, at The Ohio Theater. I am really looking forward to our field trip. The Ohio Theater is so beautiful and I love the gorgeous walls and ceiling. The chandeliers are amazing. The ballet is interesting to me. I am always amazed at the talent of the dancers. I also love the music and the costumes in the Nutcracker. I am really looking forward to going on this trip.

12/1/2011 11:33:48 pm

On December,15,2011, we are going to the Ohio Theatre. I never went to the Ohio Theater before. I walked by it but didn't get to go in there. Mrs.Fry said the celing is really pretty and I hope I like it.

12/2/2011 01:31:39 am

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker book we read today it reminds me of the time we watched the movie The Nutcracker.Some of the music that we listned to today was in the movie that we watched in music.I recommed you try a couple Nutcracker books. I even love some of the books and to tell you the books are FANTASIC!

12/2/2011 01:32:02 am

Today,We read the book The Nutcracker
I like this book beacause it is magical.
In the story a little girl gets a doll and the doll is magical.soon we will
go see the play/musical.I think going
to the play will be awesome.

12/2/2011 01:33:33 am

The Ohio Theater looks so awesome. So most of the things I remember is that one day in Music we watched the Nutcraker.It was so fun it was the same as the on we read today we watched the hole thing.I am looking forward to see the Nutcraker on December 15,2011. I never saw the Ohio Theater in my hole life.I only saw the outside of it not inside.

12/2/2011 01:37:17 am

The feld trip last year we went on a tour to done tone clubis I saw the ohio theter when we were near the stat house I tund and and saw the ohio theter it was really cool.I have the book nutcraker it 's a very good book.I got a toy shogers for chrimis the slger I got are really cool. we had a chismis party at my house it was really fun we played we played with the toys it was fun

12/2/2011 01:37:22 am

Today we were Dressing up as our avatar. I have a red shirt,basket ball shous,blue pants. My avavar is cool I ove it and if it was't for Bijan we woudent have this so thank you. But not only a thank you to Bijan a very thank you to the Westervilleschool District.

12/2/2011 10:34:09 pm

The other day my mom took me shoping and I saw a Nutcraker.I hope it will be fun on December 15,2011 when we go to the Nutcraker.

12/4/2011 10:49:33 pm

I have a nutcraker my sheehr. And I raeey want to go to the fiad tarp.

12/4/2011 10:50:09 pm

The Nutcracker
Today we read The Nutcracker. We are going to see the play Dec.15! I am so excited about it. I really want to see it today!!!! It will be fun. I've allready been there to see The Lion King,and it was great!!!!

12/4/2011 10:50:50 pm

I have a connection with the Nutcracker orchastra.Have you heard of "The legend of Zelda"? If you have,they had the 25th anniversery and had an orchastra in the Los Angeles theater.Well I hope we have fun!!! bye

12/4/2011 10:54:29 pm

On December 15 we are going to ohio theater my teacher Mrs.Fry said the ceilings are so pretty my aunt went there onces her and my sister they said it was beautiful I was at my uncle house I am look forward to the trip

12/4/2011 11:02:57 pm

The Nutcracker

We will be going on a field trip to The Ohio theater for The Nutcracker play. It will be very fun. I will bring in some of my nutcrackers. It is very pretty and cool.

12/6/2011 05:47:51 am

The nutcracker is awsome

12/11/2011 10:41:45 pm

Today I am tell all ubout The Nutcracker. I loved the book and and I am so excited.

12/11/2011 11:21:06 pm

The Ohio Theater is so aweome.So most of th things I remeber about The Nutcracker is one day in Music we wacht The Nutcracker.It was so fun it was the same like the one we read today we wacht the holy thing.I am looking forward to go see The Nutcracker on December 15,2011.I never saw The Ohio Theater in my hole life. I only saw the outside of it not the inside.

12/11/2011 11:27:02 pm

On December 15, 2011 we are going to see The Nutcracker in the Ohio Theater. I have a Nutcracker that looks like an England solider. I can't wait to see it.

12/11/2011 11:32:07 pm

In three days we are going to the Nutckracer.I am looking forword to go to the Nutckracer.I liked the book and the movie.I have never been to the ohio theter.MRS.FRY said the sealing is preety.

12/11/2011 11:32:15 pm

The Nutcracker
At dance we do the dance called, the Nutcracker. There is a little Nutcracker there is a girl who dose the dance with it. A lot of people are in this dance. One of my favorite dances from the Nutcracker is any ballet dance. My favorite Ballet is the Sugar Plum Fariy. I like the Nutcracker a lot and I can`t wait till you see it!

12/11/2011 11:34:13 pm

The Nutcracker is my favorite place .
It has fantastic performer's and amzing dances.
And the celling is beautyful I'm really
looking forward for this class trip.
Also I hope this will be the best trip ever.

12/11/2011 11:35:33 pm

The Nutcracker
I want to dress up.I will watch the ballet with my classmates it will be so
much fun.

12/13/2011 03:10:37 am

Today, I read The Nutcracker. The characters were Maria,and Fritz. Fritz broke the nutcracker but it was a magic nutcracker.When they had to go to bed, Maria put her nutcracker under the Christmas tree and she saw a light and the nutcracker came to life. At the end, they went to the candy castle and they lived happily ever after.

12/13/2011 03:14:56 am

On Dec, 15 we are going to see the play the Nutcracker. It is more like a ballet. I will probably like the movie more.The theater is a very old place. It has metal pillers and the ceiing is realy pretty. I hope it will be good.

12/13/2011 03:44:54 am

The Nutcracker

On Dec. 15, We are going to the Ohio Theater. Mrs.Fry said the ceiling looks cool and pretty. I have never went to the Ohio Theater. I read the book The Nutcracker and it was a great book. I recommend you to read The Nutcracker.I hope I have lots of fun.

12/13/2011 09:29:59 am


1/4/2012 01:35:26 am

the nutckracker was awsome.The chandelier was beautiful and i loved the dancers. I liked the second half curtains were beautiful.I liked the guy from london and the guy who was arabian dancer.He had a bent sword and red and blue clothes.and a dragon iwuold like to see it again

1/4/2012 01:36:06 am

that was good


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