Each table group worked together to write a summary of The Nutcracker.  Read their summaries!
Table 1
1/3/2012 04:52:45 am

On December 15, 2011, we went to The Nutcracker, at The Ohio Theater. First, Clara's godfather gave Clara a nutcracker for Christmas. Fritz broke the nutcracker. All the dancers did a little party on the stage.

Table 2
1/3/2012 04:54:24 am

We went to The Nutcracker on December 15. Clara and her brother, Fritz had a party with their family. Then Godfather Drosselmeyer gave Clara a nutcracker and Fritz broke it. Next, Clara was sleeping and the Nutcracker and Mouse King were fighting. Finally, they went to the Land of Sweets.

Table 3 (Mrs. Fry)
1/3/2012 04:55:44 am

Huber Ridge third graders attended the Nutcracker Ballet, at The Ohio Theater. The story was about a little girl named, Clara, who got a nutcracker for Christmas from her godfather. In her dream, the nutcracker came to life and they had an adventure in the Land of Sweets.

Table 4
1/3/2012 04:57:24 am

Clara and her brother wait for their guests to arrive at the party. Clara's Godfather arrives with a Nutcracker for Clara. Her brother breaks the toy. The Christmas tree grew. The Nutcracker turned into a prince. Then the Mouse Kind arrived and fought the prince. Clara's Nutcracker takes her to the Land of Sweets.

Table 5
1/3/2012 04:58:46 am

On December 15, 2011, all of the third grade went to the Ohio Theater to see the Nutcracker Ballet. First, Clara and Fritz's guests were dancing. Then, they went to sleep. Next, the prince saved Clara and they went to The Land of Sweets. Finally, Clara was back home.

Table 6
1/3/2012 05:00:16 am

On December, 15, 2011, all of third grade went to The Ohio Theater to see The Nutcracker. The play was about a girl named Clara. She got a nutcracker for Christmas and Fritz broke it. Clara was asleep in her dream The Nutcracker and The Mouse King were fighting. Then they went to The Land of Sweets.

Reading Table
1/3/2012 05:09:41 am

On December 15, we saw the ballet The Nutcracker. Clara fell asleep with her new Nutcracker. The Mouse King and army capture Clara. Then the Nutcracker comes and battles the Mouse King. Now the Nutcracker and his army rescue Clara. The Nutcracker and Clara went to The Land of Sweets.


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